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What is EXAMS

EXtensible Animator for Mobile Simulations (EXAMS) is a visualization tool for the Network Simulator 2 (NS2) . NS2 is a very popular network simulator, suitable for simulating wireless networks. The issue has to do with the form of simulation output, it is stored in text inside the trace file. EXAMS is able to visualize the trace file reproducing a visual playback of the simulation process.

What makes EXAMS different from other NS-2 animators, is its extensible architecture which permits the protocol designer to specify the information shown during the simulation playback and how the program responds to user events. A proper visualization of the simulation process should be done according to the protocol’s interpretation and it is the protocol developer’s responsibility to do it the right way. In line with the above idea, EXAMS does not handle the visualization itself but provides the developer with a visualization infrastructure which enables him to complete the animation process through protocol extensions. As each extension is developed by the protocol designer himself, EXAMS makes it possible to depict a more detailed level of information like transmission details and values of node’s internal data structures. This may include entries of routing tables, values for protocol’s state variables, protocol specific packet types - in fact anything included inside the trace file.

EXAMS has been entirely writen in Java (version 1.6). It has been tested to work under Linux (Fedora 9) and Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and normally it will work under every system that supports Java SE at version 1.6.

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